Olympia Water Filter IF-1/SF/1

The Umizu Bidet Water Filter meets our rigid guidelines and is highly recommended by bidet seat manufacturers. Available in both ion & sediment models, filters have 1/2″ fittings (one male, one female) on each end and will fit all bidets with 1/2″ water supply lines.

IF-1 Ion Filter:  Softens water by adding negative ions, which makes water clean faster with less surface tension. This filter captures larger particulate matter as well & is the best choice for most installations.

SF-1 Sediment Filter: Removes small particulate matter such as rust, sand & grit, which can damage a bidet internally.

Umizu Bidet Water Filter features include:

  • Choose from ion or sediment filter
  • 1 filter can purify up to 410 gallons of water or 1,500 flushes
  • Replace filters every 6 to 9 months