Bidet-Kleen Bidet Cleaner

For years, our customers have asked what types of chemicals should be used to clean and disinfect their bidet seats. In response, we are now pleased to offer our exclusive bidet cleaner, Bidet-KleenBidet-Kleen is a ready-to-use broad spectrum disinfectant sterilant, containing a “one-step” detergent-disinfectant, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide, Vircucide, and deodorizer.

Formulated in the USA, Bidet-Kleen has been tested & approved for use on the following brands of bidet seats:
Bio Bidet – Blooming Bidet – Clean Sense – Hometech – INAX – Infinity – Spaloo – USPA.  It should also work on other bidets as well.

Bidet-Kleen comes in handy 16- or 32-oz. spray-bottles. Complete product information may be obtained by contacting us. Please note that this product is not returnable.